Weekly Update 10.27.14

October 27th, 2014
A few announcements for the week:
1.) Dr. Tom Welch will be presenting "Controversies in Wilderness Medicine" on Wednesday, October 29th at 4pm in LOW 4050.
In addition to his wilderness medicine expertise, Dr. Welch is a pediatrician and the director of Golisano Children's Hospital at Upstate Medical University. Even if you're not interested in wilderness medicine, Dr. Welch is a great resource in terms of medical school admissions advice. 
Dr. Welch will also be speaking about the Ebola outbreaks. He recently wrote this article:
2.) On Tuesday (10.28) at 7:30pm, we will be holding an open Officer Board Meeting in Union 2424. We will be going over the Officer Reviews and holding an open forum for any concerns or ideas you may have for moving forward.

3.) Thank you to Rafael Ramos and the members who completed the Officer Reviews. Your feedback is always appreciated, and if you are interested in discussing them further, contact Rafael or come to the Officer Board Meeting on 10.28.
4.) Our updated Constitution was approved by the Union Executive Board. Thank you for your comments regarding the rewrites. 

5.) Elections for Officer Positions will take place next GBM (11.4). In order to be eligable to vote, you must have attended one of the last two GBMs (10.21 or 10.7) or Officer Board Meetings. There is no obligation to run, and members can be nominated at the elections meeting. 

Descriptions of the duties of the officers can be found in the RPI Ambulance Constitution. The following members were nominated for the following positions:

  • Elise Romberger
  • Ciera Williams
  • Becky Martin
  • Tom Manzini
1st Lieutenant:
  • Jordan Williams
2nd Lieutenant:
  • Brittany Rupp
  • Becky Martin
  • Jordan Williams
  • Elise Romberger
Vice President:
  • David Sparkman
  • Zack White
  • Ciera Williams
  • Andreas Rebmann
  • Josh Correira
  • Harrison Leinweber
  • Becky Martin
  • Alex Benzell
For any questions pertaining elections, please contact president@rpiambulance.com.

For any and all questions regarding joining RPI Ambulance, training, or to request coverage at an event, please contact officers@rpiambulance.com.

Interested in Becoming an EMT?

July 28th, 2014
If you're interested in receiving your EMT-B certification and joining RPI Ambulance, a class will be offered this fall in Albany. Classes will be held Mondays and Thursdays starting on September 8th. 


If you're not a member and interested in joining and taking the class, contact: officers@rpiambulance.com

Weekly Update 5.4.14-5.10.14

May 7th, 2014
Happy last day of classes! I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the semester and not stressing too much over finals!
1.) We will be having a barbecue with Public Safety on Friday, May 9th from 1500-1800 outside of the ambulance garage. If anyone is interested in grilling or helping prepare food, please let me know. I will be prepping food at the office after the attendant meeting tomorrow night and before the barbecue on Friday. 
2.) Please be sure that you are washing your polos properly (inside out, air-dry). If you mistakenly took an attendant polo from the office, please return it promptly. 
Vice President     vicepresident@rpiambulance.com 
1.) If you are leaving prior to commencement and have in your possession anything belonging to RPIA (Class A uniform, radio, keys, etc.) you must arrange a time to meet Elise and have her sign off on the items being returned. 
1.) We will be meeting Tomorrow (May 8th) at 2000 at the office to go over the existing Attendant Training in our larger efforts to reformat the entire training process. All are welcome and feedback is appreciated. 
2.)We will be going out of service for the semester starting the first night we cannot form a crew during finals. Please remember to communicate with your crew to see if riding from residence is an option for the night. 
3.) We will be OOS all day Saturday for an event at Emma Willard. We will be back in service around 2200.
4.) If you will be working at Commencement please remember to pick up your RPIA ID cards from the card office!
Congratulations to everyone who was promoted this year!
Training Committee Promotions for the 2013-2014 school year:
- Full Crew Chief:4
- Probationary Crew Chief: 6
- Driver Trainer: 2
- Full Driver:3
- Probationary Driver:3
- Attendant: 7
First Lieutenant  firstlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) Please contact with any issues with the ambulance or stocking.
2.) Be sure to restock supplies after calls. 
Second Lieutenant  secondlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) If you signed up to cover commencement, be on the lookout for information regarding meetings to prep.
The officer board would like to recognize and thank our five graduating members for their years of dedication to RPIA!

Weekly Update April 20-April 26

April 22nd, 2014
RPI Ambulance,
Here's your weekly update.
1.) Congratulations to Jordan Williams! Jordan was elected to the position of Second Lieutenant at the last GBM. 
2.) We will be holding an Officer Board meeting this Sunday (4.27) at the office at 1730. All are welcome, but you may be asked to leave if sensitive topics are discussed. 
3.) Our next GBM will be May 1 at 2000 (Low 3039).  Officer reviews will be presented at this meeting. Thank you to everyone who completed the reviews. 
4.) Make sure you have picked up your uniforms and CPR cards from the office! 
Vice President     vicepresident@rpiambulance.com 
1.) The $10 payment for the banquet must be paid through cash, check, or credit card (charges to student accounts are no longer being accepted). Checks can be made out to RPI Ambulance. Please make arrangements with Elise regarding payment. If you have not signed up and are still interested in attending, please contact her immediately. If you have already signed up, you have committed to paying.  
2.) The snack bar has been restocked! Thank you to all those who are remembering to pay. Prices are still 50 cents for each item. Please contact with any further suggestions.
3.) Anyone who attended the Dartmouth Conference--if you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding the event please notify Elise. Dartmouth EMS is looking for our feedback. 
1.) Keep up the training. Contact Tom Manzini (Training Committee Chair) with any concerns about training progress or if you are interested in teaching a class.
First Lieutenant  firstlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) Please contact with any issues with the ambulance or stocking.
Second Lieutenant  secondlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) We are covering the Quidditch Tournament this Sunday from 1000-1700. Please sign-up on the website and contact Jordan if you are only able to cover a portion of the event. 
2.) Relay for Life is Friday. The night crew will be covering the event, but anyone interested in stopping by to keep the crew company is more than welcome. 
3.) If you are interested in helping cover the Sage and/or RPI Commencements, please sign-up on the website AND notify Jordan. We need to get an accurate count in order to ensure adequate staffing. If you live in a residence hall and are interested in helping staff the events, you will be granted a housing extension. 
1.) We will be holding a skills session on May 4th (1000-1600) for the students currently enrolled in the EMT class to prepare for their practical exam. Even if you can only attend part of the session, it will be incredibly valuable in your preparation for your practical.  If you are in the class, please sign-up on the website. If you are an EMT and interested in helping out, please contact Tom Manzini.

Weekly Update April 6-April 12

April 8th, 2014
Happy Spring RPI Ambulance!
1.) Please contact me with nominations for Second Lieutenant. Elections will be held at the next GBM (4.17). Please keep in mind that you can nominate yourself. In order to vote, you must have attended one of the past two GBMs or O-Board Meetings.
In order to run or be nominated for Second Lieutenant, you must  be certified as a New York State Emergency Medical Technician or higher. 
As of now, nominations are as follows:
-Jordan Williams
2.) Jordan Williams and Alex Benzell will be teaching classes in glucometry/diabetic issues and responding to mental health calls after the next GBM. These are great opportunities to learn or brush up on your skills.
3.) Mike O'Keefe will be sending our officer evaluations soon. Please answer the evaluations promptly and honestly. 
4.) We will be holding a self defense class for the agency this Sunday at 1100. Please sign-up on the website if you are interested.
Vice President     vicepresident@rpiambulance.com 
1.) Please respond promptly to the email regarding the banquet and awards. We need responses for both by this Friday at 1700. Signing up on the google doc is confirmation that you are coming to the banquet. Also, only reply once to the award form. If you have problems submitting, do not resubmit and contact Elise. 
2.) Continue doing chores at the office
3.) Contact with any recommendations for the snack bar
1.) Keep up the training. Contact Tom Manzini (Training Committee Chair) with any concerns about training progress or if you are interested in teaching a class.
2.) The AFROTC First Aid training went very well. Thank you to everyone who helped out.
First Lieutenant  firstlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) Rig is back and in working order. Please contact with any issues with the ambulance or stocking.
2.) A new Moore order will be in next week. We have a few new pieces of equipment for which we will be holding inservices for. 
Second Lieutenant  secondlt@rpiambulance.com
1.) Please continue to sign-up for events on the website. The next event that we are covering is the 5K on 4.19
2.) The Color Me Red Run on Sunday went great. Thank you to everyone who helped cover the event. 
Congratulations to the RPI Ambulance Iron Chef team on their award winning dessert! Thank you to Elise, Mike, Rafael and Becky for their hard work!

Elections on April 3, 2014

March 21st, 2014
Thank you to everyone who attending the meeting on March 20, 2014. The following members have been nominated for the following positions:

  • Tom Manzini
  • Breanna Bernardi
  • Elise Romberger
  • Alli Morgan
  • Maggie Cullather
  • Breanna Bernardi
  • Jordan Williams
  • Becky Martin
Final nominations will be accepted at the meeting in April 3, 2014. To be eligable to vote, you must have had attended a GBM on March 6 or March 20. Good luck to those nominated!

Welcome Back!

January 21st, 2014
RPI Ambulance is back in service for the Spring semester! We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful semester. Stay tuned for some more information regarding New Member Orientation meetings, CPR classes, and more!

Officer Board 2014

November 16th, 2013
Congratuations to the new officer board! Good luck in the coming year.

President: Matt Monaco
Vice President: Elise Romberger
Captain: Brent Campbell
1st Lieutenant: Drew Kopicki
2nd Lieutenant: Alli Morgan

Thank you to everyone who participated in the elections on Thursday.

November Elections

November 2nd, 2013
Here is the list of nominations for elections Thursday, November 14th. Remember you can nominate more people at the elections meeting and there is no commitment to run.
  • President
    • Matt Monaco
  • Captain
    • Brent Campbell
    • Mike O'Keefe
  • 1st Leiutenant
    • Drew Kopicki
    • Breanna Bernardi
    • Tom Manzini
  • 2nd Lieutenant
    • Alli Morgan
    • Tom Manzini
    • Breanna Bernardi
    • Drew Kopicki
  • Vice President
    • Maggie Cullather
    • Elise Romberger
    • Rebecca Martin

RPI Ambulance 30th Anniverary

October 15th, 2013
The RPI Ambulance, or what some of you may know as Rensselaer Rescue, is celebrating 30 Years of Continuous Ambulance service at Rensselaer! We are celebrating on Friday, October 25, 2013 at 7 p.m. in the Heffner Alumni House, on the Troy campus. The reception is open and free to all RPI Ambulance alumni and their guests, and will include light hors d'oeuvres. A short program will include a welcome by the current RPI Ambulance Captain and Vice President. We have also reached out to ask many partnering EMS groups, such as Rensselaer County EMS and the Troy Fire Department to join us. Lastly, we are encouraging a Patch Swap between alumni. Don't have a patch? Don't worry! All alumni attendees will receive an RPI Ambulance patch!
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